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The Bear Kotah Series

CTR Front Cover.jpg
Crossing the Red

ISBN 978-1790438648

Caught in the Crosshairs

US Army veteran and Comanche, Jim “Bear” Kotah is weary of war and the hidden wounds that come with it, and has isolated himself from both his family and former girlfriend, Hunter O’Neill.  That is, until fate and the mysterious death of his cousin Danny Big elk propels him back to the family buffalo ranch in SW Oklahoma.  There, he must confront the mystery of Danny’s death amidst a swirl of other ranchland issues created by family nemesis Ramiro Jenkins. Too late, he discovers that Jenkins has built a secret factory on the ranch to produce high-tech GPS-guided mortars with deadly range and accuracy for a Fourth of July terrorist attack in Galveston Bay. At stake are the lives of the entire Kotah clan and the critical hub of our nation’s petroleum refining infrastructure.  Bear must overcome the lingering effects of his combat experience to not only escape Jenkins’ clutches but stop his impending attack that threatens to cripple the American petroleum industry.

Kotah Gold

ISBN 978-1071144237


Running for Her Freedom


Tre McMillan is thirteen, confused, and running for her life. She escapes her abusive stepfather, D.A. Kutt, at a Texas truck stop. Kutt, a petty criminal going large, has tried to recruit Tre as a drug mule and prostitute. Rejecting that fate, Tre now faces sale to drug runner and human trafficker, Buddy Broadus; failure to comply means certain death. Tre escapes Kutt and strikes out on foot, stumbling upon the massive Palo Duro Canyon, where fate brings her to the campsite of two Comanche brothers. Grandfather & Uncle Willie Kotah are camped there to hunt for the legendary Palo Duro gold and to commemorate the death of tribal ancestors and over a thousand horses during the Battle of Palo Duro Canyon in 1874. The Kotahs catch Tre stealing food, but they quickly learn that she needs more than food and water to survive the likes of Kutt and Broadus. Much, much more. Allowed to stay in camp and buttressed by stories of ghost horses, Tre adopts the Kotahs as her only family. She learns horsemanship, self-defense skills, and spiritual strength, weapons that Kutt and Broadus fail to account for as Tre’s struggle against them boils out of the canyon and continues across country. Her fight for survival eventually brings Tre back to Texas, and a stormy night of reckoning with the Ghosts of Palo Duro…

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Blue Sky Medicine

ISBN 978-1661719807

Old Ghosts Come To Life


Blue Sky Medicine picks up several years after Crossing the Red ends, as Hunter O’Neil’s PTSD therapy and training center braces for a potential lone-wolf ISIS attack. Reinforced by a USMC Counter-Terrorism unit, Hunter and ‘Bear’ Kotah are uncertain an attack will come and whether or not the dwindling Marine Corps force can prevail if it does. In the midst of all this, Hunter struggles with her own personal nightmares from the combined trauma of her experience with MS-13 and losing her parents, drawing her into a dark vortex of self-doubt. Reinforced with fresh and vibrant characters and supported by the Kotah clan, Hunter and Bear discover if she has the will to survive a deliberate ISIS attack in this fast-moving, third narrative in the Bear Kotah series.

Black Galaxie 500

ISBN 979-8702034423

A Fateful Journey


Bear Kotah’s young brother, Slick, leaves the Kotah ranch in Oklahoma for Billings and the Northern Cheyenne Reservation in Montana with one purpose: Find his real father and satisfy a lifelong search for identity. He has no clues other than a DNA report and a name on the title of his long-dead mother's 1965 Galaxie 500 convertible. His search leads him into unexpected romance, a demented rock 'n roller, a 32-year-old murder case, and ruthless collaborators bent on keeping the truth buried and Kotah with it. Bear and family friend FBI Special Agent Eddie Wilson, no strangers to Bear Kotah readers, are drawn into the case until its explosive and unexpected conclusion.

Wasape: Life of a Comanche Warrior

ISBN 979-8462466236

An Enduring Battle


The autobiographical tale of Wasape, founder of the author’s fictional Bear Kotah Clan, is finally told. Years after his death, Wasape’s grandsons and best friends recount the heart-wrenching story of the beloved warrior’s most tragic losses — the deaths of his wives and most of his Comanche friends to decades of conflict and disease. Woven into the tale, Wasape describes in his own words the battle of his life to defend not only his grandsons from predatory boarding schools, but his decimated culture from the depredations of government policy. The novel is woven around actual events and historical characters that comprise the US government's prolonged campaign to destroy Plains tribal culture, language, and presence.

Sands of the Cyclops

ISBN 979-8356029899

National Holocaust: Civil War II


Militia leader Dak Stitt targets U.S. Park Ranger Maryann Mills

and Joshua Tree National Park as his "Rayders" militia force pillages Southern

California en route to a nationwide takeover aided by a clandestine

Russian-Mexican alliance. The Rayders seem unstoppable until Mills and

her collaborators forge their own quick-strike force of Park volunteers,

veterans, 29 Palms Marines, and Three Arrows - an all-female desert militia.

Their combined forces stagger but fail to stop Stitt until Mills herself

becomes part of a disturbing bargain she strikes to end Civil War Two.

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