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Readers' Thoughts


"Wasape is a riveting gift to future generations to understand the American Indian."

"Once I got into the book, I could not put it down. The author did a good job. The subject of terrorism is quite real. When one of the targets for the terrorists was Bay City, Texas, it was too close to home. My grandson works in Bay City. I especially enjoyed how he handled the present day life of the Comanche elders. It was a good read. I met the author shortly before Christmas and in casual conversation he told me had written a book. I asked the title and what it was about. After Christmas I downloaded it on my IPAD. I recommend it."

"Mr. Gibson's writing style is a cross between Louis L'Amour and W.E.B. Griffin. This book was action packed and kept me hanging from every page. Crossing The Red was a book that I couldn't put down. Looking forward to your next book Mr. Gibson. Veteran's this is a 'MUST READ'!"

"Interesting story, and the last half of the book is a great ride, building to a great finish as well. Dandy principal characters, an interesting bunch. The antagonist is no damn good, as one should be. You'll like it."


"I downloaded [Crossing the Red] to my Kindle and I enjoyed the reading...  I could not put the Kindle away as soon as I started reading. Even though your novel may be classified as "fiction", it is so real that in my mind is a "non-fiction" book. I hope that we can have a sequel soon."

"Within just a few minutes I wasn’t reading a book about some characters, I was there with them experiencing the story. Hard to put down."


"Just finished reading this fantastic book. It was very hard to put down, exciting in every way. The realism in Mr Gibson's writing is scary, knowing the events could actually happen. This is a must read for everyone. Thank you sir for a great read."

"A great read. The excellent writing and story of the characters will keep you glued to the book."


"I can't wait for the next book to come out!!!"

"I know that over 10 years of research and writing went into this novel. It's a fantastic read, details so real it's a bit unnerving! After reading this you will eagerly await the sequel, I promise you won't be disappointed!"

"Fans of adventure, thrilling action, and character-driven fiction will find an enjoyable read in Crossing the Red -- hopefully the first of many Bear Kotah novels to come."

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