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A Perfect Fit

If I could pick the actors today to star in the film version of my modern west novel, Black Galaxie 500, my first pick would be Zahn McLarnon, who so convincingly played reservation Police Chief Mathias in the Longmire series.

For me, Zahn would play the main character, Slick Kotah, a Marine vet in search of his real father. It requires portrayal of strong warrior spirit, honor and a healthy mistrust of White man's motives.

We watched the first episode of the first Longmire season last week and once again rekindled our love affair with the entire cast, the story line, the setting. Everything but the undeserved cancellation of the Longmire series, author Craig Johnson's modern west masterpiece.

I met Craig a few years back in Helena, MT, a hefty drive from his home in Buffalo, WY, and the fictional Absaroka County. Craig entertained a crowd of several hundred Longmire fans with his life story and a behind-the-scenes look at Longmire and the craft of writing. It was one of the many inspirations I have received from current authors who carve their tales from the unjust and greed-laden side of the modern American West. The dust has yet to settle on our genre, and with the likes of writers like Craig Johnson and actors such as Zahn, it never will.

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