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Carolynn and I spent a pleasant afternoon yesterday with the #Joshua Tree Desert Writers at the invitation of head man Francis Moss. I thoroughly enjoyed my introduction to this group which focuses on reading their latest work, and then listening to the other members' critiques. Not a hatchet job was heard as most comments are exactly as intended: constructive and aimed at helping authors improve their products. I look forward to reading a selection from a collection of #modernwestfiction short stories we're gathering for publication later this year and perhaps a piece from "Black Galaxie 500" #amwriting, a Bear Kotah novel now in the final stages.

In other news, we're looking for opportunities to conduct readings and book signings for our latest #BearKotah novel, "Blue Sky Medicine" which we introduced February 15 at the annual Palm Springs Writers Guild Desert Writers Expo. The novel is co-authored by LtCol Trent A. Gibson, USMC (Ret). Damned right, he's related. We were lucky to have our son's writing skill and technical knowledge of PTSD, desert warfare and small unit tactics for the combat chapters. He's been there and it definitely comes out in his writing. Trent is a busy man with wife, Rocky, in their cabinet and general construction business in Maine. "Blue Sky" was his first go at combat with a full-length novel, but you wouldn't know it. "At least no one was shooting at me," he mused.

Trent was here for the big Expo in Palm Springs and took time...he doesn't sit down for long...for a few photos with me and writer/film maker Ross Romero. Trent stays busy these days helping producer David Kneiss and a small group of Marines develop #TheGift, a documentary film tribute to Medal of Honor recipient Corporal Jason Dunham. It promises to be a thoughtful and moving memorial to the Marine who gave his life by covering a hand grenade to save fellow Marines in Al Anbar Province, Iraq, in 2004. Dunham has become an inspiration and iconic model for Marines to make a difference with the gifts they have been given.

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