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Meet a Small Business Survivor

More than 99 percent of America's 28.7 million firms are small businesses. It's been a tough go for small business owners just to survive; rising costs, shrinking supplies, tough competition from the mega-companies, and now COVID shut-downs. I've met all types of business owners in my work as a consultant and writer. Saturday it was our pleasure to meet Jenny Brooks, one of the survivors. Jenny is owner-manager of Jenny's Grill, 1201 East Main, Barstow, CA and she met us with menu and a big smile just inside the front door.

Jenny's Grill features Mexican food, steak and mariscos (seafood). During our meal she visited our table often. Her manner was at times urgent since she is a hands-on manager and she had a full house. But she had time to let Carolynn and me know she had more than 30 years in the business, works every day, and is there to open every day. That always has a familiar ring to my wife, Carolynn a veteran food service worker and manager. Jenny's staff, including three daughters, was well trained, responsive and had that same attitude of urgency in serving you, which most diners appreciate. Her great smile was a bonus as we feasted on the excellent huevos rancheros. The pricing was reasonable.

We say, "Drop by Jenny's Grill and meet Jenny Brooks, a survivor!"

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