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One of the surprises at Saturday's Palm Springs Writers Guild Expo was writer, actor and physician

Thomas J. Sims, author of "On Call In The Arctic", #memoir of "live, love, and miracles in the #Alaskan frontier". I left my own book table to meet Doc Sims at his and it was well worth the time. You could call his memoir a thriller, suspense, romance, adventure, but above all, an enlightening page-turner that keeps you hanging on the precipice of one #medical emergency after another. Young Doc Sims took his young family there to begin his medical career. With a small medical staff and under-equipped they took on all comers, from sniffles to major surgery for which none were prepared. It becomes an endearing story of love, ingenuity and survival by a team that reaches out and captures your heart while #healing what ails it. If you haven't read it yet, please do.

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Arch Gibson
Arch Gibson
Feb 19, 2020

It's coming soon. Listen for the deep, throaty roar of 300 horses. Feel the wind whipping through your hair. Cringe at learning something from a deep dive into your personal history. . .something dark and dangerous. It's "Black Galaxie 500". About sixty days out and closing fast. Watch for my video this weekend on this blog as I discuss the next novel in my Bear Kotah series. It's suspenseful, action-packed and full of new and familiar Kotah characters.

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