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Life of a Comanche Warrior


Comanche warrior Wasape survives more than ninety years of warfare, from the Llano Estacado to WWI France, but his final and most desperate battle proves to be the fight to preserve his family and their native culture.

"...a riveting gift to future generations to understand the American Indian."

                                                             - Jeff Dixon

                                                                   award-winning photographer & fan of the Bear Kotah series


Arch Gibson has storytelling in his DNA.  Always a man of letters and a true student of history, his work is absorbing and a pleasure to read.

Noel Quinn, loyal reader of the Bear Kotah series


Mr. Gibson's writing style is a cross between Louis L'Amour and W.E.B. Griffin.

Ray Sockwell, Jr.  SgtMaj, USMC (Ret)


Gibson, a talented storyteller, spins his tale with a level of assurance that keeps the reader with him.

Kirkus Reviews


Photo courtesy of CEBImagery -

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