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Blue Sky Medicine novel



ISIS-led, home-grown terrorists stage a surprise attack on U.S. veterans hospitals and clinics, beginning with the Kotahs’ Blue Sky Clinic on the Red River. This sequel to Crossing The Red tracks the return of Kotah family nemesis Ramiro Jenkins and the struggles of veterans who escaped ISIS captivity in Afghanistan, only to be followed home by the flesh-and-blood ghosts of their PTSD nightmares. Supported by the entire Kotah clan, US Marines, Army and FBI, the insurgents face more than they bargained for on the shores of the Red River.


* Proceeds from Blue Sky Medicine in 2020 are being donated


Rick Iannucci's Horses for Heroes -- Cowboy Up

equine therapy program for post-9/11 veterans.

Mr. Gibson's writing style is a cross between Louis L'Amour and W.E.B. Griffin.

Ray Sockwell, Jr.  SgtMaj, USMC (Ret)


Gibson, a talented storyteller, spins his tale with a level of assurance that keeps the reader with him.

Kirkus Reviews


Fans of adventure, thrilling action, and character-driven fiction will find an enjoyable read in Crossing the Red -- hopefully the first of many Bear Kotah novels to come.

John M. Murray,


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